torn ACLIt was just after I had landed my first unclean cork 9. I wanted more so of course I threw another one but went too deep on the landing. It was extremely painful. I was lying there and everyone was like oh she’s fine! I was NOT fine! In fact we went to Park City the very next day for Nationals thinking it was just a sprain. Thankfully I didn’t ski because we saw a specialist who said I probably tore my MCL. A month later after we got a MRI I found out that it was actually my ACL. I wasn’t happy or sad because I knew that my knee wasn’t healing and I knew I would have a long journey ahead of me.

April 11th, 2018 I had ACI surgery grafting in part of my hamstring. During that month I took over 2 weeks off of school, and had to make up a load of homework and still recover. It was a hard time.

In order to come back strong for the 2018/2019 season, my parents took me to the gym and physical therapy 5 days a week.  I was super dedicated, so that the very first week there was snow on the ground, I was cleared to ski again!  This season is one where we are going to just have fun, continue to rebuild on fundamentals and strength train.  Next year I will compete in the US, most likely in the Rev Tour.

Don’t call last run…

“It was one of the last runs of the training day where Bella had one on one coaching.  She was pushing herself in preparation for the US Junior Nationals.  She was trying to nail down a cork 900. As her dad, I dismissed the coach showing me cell phone video of what she was doing wrong.  I only claimed, “yea, but she never gets hurt.” So we let her continue to try and get this trick dialed.  It was the end of the day, and she had to have been exhausted It would have been the last run, and after over-shooting the landing, she got hurt.  For the first time, Bella showed us that she is only human.” My biggest regret was NOT stopping her from pushing herself too far. It’s my job to know where the limits are, and adopt them. – William Bacon (Dad)

cork 900